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These Are

My Projects

Mummy On The Run, The Card Game

Mummy On The Run is a card game based on the classic game Gin Rummy, but with a mummy twist. Each player attempts to complete all 5 sets or reach a total of 300 points to win the game. This game has been a year and half in the making, credit to the idea and creation of the game goes to David and Robin Sommers, physical design of the cards and packaging were created by myself.

RUUT Bottling Co.

Sarsaparilla soda is so delicious, but it is always considered more of a novelty drink from cheesy old westerns. I wanted to change that with my design. Ruut (pronounced root; as in root beer) is sure, strong, and bold. A great tasting sarsaparilla soda, in a great looking bottle. It is a design that is minimal yet elegant. A design that is made for a sustainable life. The leaf represents the sassafras tree that is used as the main ingredient in this drink. The colors of each bottle reflect each unique flavor.

TypeCon Brochures

TypeCon is an annual typography convention, designed for type nerds to interact on another level with popular typesetters and designers. I wanted to show a simple but elegant representation of all that is typography with these booklets. I chose to do the font entirely from the family of Futura Book, one of my favorite fonts because of its simple but elegantly edgy look.

Tough Scrubbin' Soap Co.

For this mock soap company project, I decided early on that I wanted to design a soap for a target audience who is tired of boring common soap. As a result I created a design made for the manly mountaineering lumberjack. Given my sense of humor, and love of puns, I essentially created a design that mimics the overall look of the audience that would buy it. 

Travel With Me Wallets

These wallets are made of a durable vinyl material, sewn together with strong upholstery grade thread. The map on these wallets is an 1894 surveyors map of Portland, Oregon. In those days, maps were all handmade, so are these wallets. When I came up with the concept for these wallets I really wanted to make a wallet for myself because I didn’t have a wallet that worked for my needs. Something with enough pockets but also thin enough while remaining functional. I needed something cool as well as useful, so I went to work designing the perfect wallet.

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